So, just how do you prepare and apply RubbaKote?

Follow these simple steps for the best results...


Do not assume because it looks clean that it is, a new bakkie has oily residue on the paint which will interfere with any coating you attempt to apply on top of it.

So, whether the bakkie is brand new or old and scratched, proceed with the same method of cleaning as follows:

  1. get a small bucket and add one cup of water, then add two cups of KleenKote and stir well.
  2. Then, use a stiff brush and dip into the bucket and scrub the entire surface vigorously until it is squeaky clean, then rinse well with water.
  3. Using a very clean towel, dry the surface properly..


Clean bakkie bin ready for Rubberizing

Step Two... RUB-A-DUB-DUB

Now that it is squeaky clean and dry, and being careful, use your best skill, mask the area to be coated then using 100 grit water sandpaper, start rubbing lightly to abrade the surface and be extra careful at the edges where the masking tape is that you do not scratch under it or over it. Remember the owner of the bakkie does not like nor want any scratches on his bakkie!!! Once you have done a good job do this...

  1. Rinse all the loose dust off with water, whilst rubbing all over with a wet towel to ensure no residue particles are left stuck to the paint.
  2. Now using your compressed air gun blow air all over the area to remove dust from crevices
  3. Finally, do a clean dry towel rub down of the whole area and you are ready to apply RUBBAKOTE, YAY!


Clean bakkie bin ready for Rubberizing

Step Three... Spray first coat

Using even strokes from left to right and keeping gun at 90deg angle to the surface where possible, spray at a distance of about 300mm to ensure proper film thickness for the first coat. Always keep in mind the amount of RubbaKote you will need for the job and have them all ready for a quick change on the gun. In your original kit you received 12 x 1lt bottles of RubbaKote, do not discard them when empty, simply refill them from your bulk stock.

  1. Using the above technique, spray an even coat thinly over the whole surface being careful of overspray onto nearby objects that may be coated unintentionally. Now wrap some cling wrap over the front of the nozzle on the gun so that the RubbaKote does not dry out in the nozzle. Leave for 30 minutes in the sun to dry out.
  2. The second coat should, where possible, be sprayed crisscross to the first coat. Again, do not spray too thick. Wrap nozzle. Leave for 30 minutes in the sun to dry.
  3. The third coat is again sprayed in crisscross to the second coat. Remove masking tape. Leave for 2 - 3 hours before touching.
  4. Explain to customer that RubbaKote takes 7 days, that is seven days, to cure fully and the coating should not be abused prior to 7 days. It is ready for light, that is, light, duty the next day!
  5. Clean all tools with running water.
  6. Make sure that half-empty containers of RubbaKote is well sealed, preferably use up the entire one liter on the final coat so that you are not left with semi filled containers.
  7. Here is a useful tip for the safe storage of RubbaKote in the bulk 20lt buckets: assuming you are left with half the contents which means you will have a rather large air head in the bucket, cut a round circle of thin plastic, such as a black refuse bag, the size of the bucket, and lay it flat on top of the wet RubbaKote, this will form a protective shield and delay the drying of the RubbaKote inside the bucket.


Clean bakkie bin ready for Rubberizing
RubberKote Rubber Coating
Rubberizing your Bakkie Bin - RubberKote - Rubber Coating - Durban - South Africa


RubbaKote as a super tough bakkie coating is the ultimate protection for your bakkie bin.

This rubber coating or lining for bakkie bins can be done yourself or anyone who can use a paintbrush, Simply prepare the surface by ensuring it is squeaky clean and dry, it is best to use our KleenKote to properly clean the surface. If the surface is extremely polished, then a light sanding with 100grit waterpaper, again using water whilst sanding, will provide an excellent key for adhesion of RubbaKote.

Rubber Coating Spray-gun